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The Facebook page is just getting started so please check it out to get the ball rolling! There will be great quotes to motivate you every day. See you there! You’ll find it here or just search for The Business Quotes and it will come up. Ok.


The account has been live almost two years now, and in that time we have grown into a little community with over 39 000 followers, and the posts themselves have over 325 000 likes in total.

(Thank you all for the amazing support, really!)

I post every other day, and every post contains a motivating, thoughtful or inspiring quote with a little caption of mine. Why not every day? I don’t see the point of posting just for the sake of posting, so when I do, there is a message that I hope you find worth your time.

Hope to see you there as well!

– Yes, take me to the Instagram, please!

– No, on second thought, take me to that blog I haven’t heard nearly enough about!

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