I’m Filip!

Nice to meet you!

Let’s jump right in to it.

I started my business in 2014 as a freelance language consultant but since then things have evolved quite a bit.

Today I do SEO which means that I get people to the top of Google (which is not as easy as it sounds) and portrait photography because the arts are simply me.

I have also had the honor of leading a team of aspiring copywriters at my local TEDx (and even got a few words published on TED.com) and somehow I managed to swing a BSc. & a BA., despite ADD and needing glasses.

It's still a mystery how all that worked out.

But my main focus right now is writing.

Books to be precise, mostly on how to be a human and doing your own thing.

Because it's kind of a tricky puzzle and I kind of like those.

From exploring yourself to making a living in a way that is you, to finding the right balance between challenging yourself and sitting in a nice café somewhere in the sun, just feeling alive.

And I enjoy sharing my findings.

Just as I enjoy the findings of others, such as Tim Ferriss, MJ DeMarco, and Vishen Lakhiani to name a few.

And I think the reason for this obsession to figure out life (basically) is my own journey which is whithout a doubt where I draw my energy and motivation.

And becoming more.

So, on a more personal note (but not too personal so there is no need for sunglasses):

I started my journey as a full-time employed burned out dishwasher with panic attacks.

Everything was black.

And I felt like shit.

And I didn't know how to get out of there but I knew that I had to.

So I started to chip away at the problem, one solution at a time. And thanks to a miraculous balance of being smart enough to find a way and foolish enough to think that I could, I did.

Which is how, I think, you get the most out of life.


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