Blog #5 – Goal Reached! & A Tropical Treat!

March 13, 2017.
A Monday.

Ever since I was about 17 years old, a dream of mine has been to write and publish a book. Which is a bit contradictory since I actually had a hard time learning how to read. And it wasn’t until recently that I learned that this had to do with ADD, which means that I have a difficulty concentrating for more than a short while because of low levels of dopamine (which I’ve now fixed, thank you Google!).

But for some reason – and despite me not really reading – I developed this love of words and puns and language and of the subtle nuances of human communication.

And for some reason, the dream of writing a book stayed with me.

And today, I am proud to say that I have written everything that will go into my first book! As well as having designed the cover. Only work left is a bit of editing and the actual publishing. Also, it’s not a novel but something based on the content of the Instagram.

But it still feels pretty big!

“Whenever you are about to get to the next mini-level, close your eyes and cherish lifting your foot, because life is all about recognizing our accomplishments, however small a step they may be”

– Fredrik Eklund

So, with these words of Fredrik’s, I am now cherishing lifting my foot. And celebrating this accomplishment by treating myself to a tropical island and a nice hotel in the Gilis!

Last night I was doing some slow laps in the pool outside of the hotel. The sun had set. I switched to backstrokes and saw the stars, shining bright against the dark blue canvas of the universe. It was a powerful moment, yet serene. It was a moment when it felt like everything had fallen into place, and that life – my life – is beginning to become exactly what I want it to be.

Go for your dreams.

Swim with the stars.

And thank you for reading,


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