Blog #7,5 – Super Focus is Back!

March 31, 2017.
A Friday.

Just turned down what I’m sure would have been an amazing weekend in Uluwatu. And I did it for a good reason. A reason that feels more right than anything:

My super focus is back.

I haven’t felt this way since before I injured my shoulder 10 months ago. It meant that my wellbeing turned south pretty quickly and that my mind got clouded by worries about the shoulder never healing properly.

And it meant that I did lose my beloved super focus; the feeling that everything you do is for one purpose only.

That, for me, is one of the best feelings.

Because I know that when I’m in that state, I’m on a direct path to achieving everything that I want to achieve. It’s a state where a sacrifice feels like a win and that you have a river of motivation, just carrying you forward.

It’s an amazing state of mind.

And now it’s back.

(And when I have figured out exactly what it was that I did to get it back, I’ll let you know!)

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